The work projects of SignWriting 2020 detail the work that needs to be done. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to fund, create, or join any of the work projects.

Projects with Steve Slevinski as lead developer

Two-Dimensional Font

A two-dimensional font prototype has been available since 2014. A production ready two-dimensional font is planned that leverages the 2017 standard of SignWriting in Unicode (SWU).

SignPuddle 3 Network

SignPuddle 3 is currently in beta release. Most of the work is completed for the dictionary section. Additional development is required for sign texts, fingerspelling, literature, alphabetic subsets, and more. The source code is available on GitHub.

SignPuddle 3 comes in two parts: a front-end user interface for the browser and a back-end server with databases for developers.

App developers are provided with a direct connection to the SignPuddle 3 API. Extensive documentation is available with stand alone documents and interactive live pages. The tools and data are free to use. Consider becoming a SignWriting Partner for an open dialog and technical support.

Server administrators are able to run their own SignPuddle 3 server and host it on a public or private network. Extensive documentation is available for the server setup and configuration. The tools and data are free to use. Consider becoming a SignWriting Partner or SignWriting Representative for an open dialog and technical support.

Additional Handshapes

The International SignWriting Alphabet 2010 (ISWA 2010) includes 251 different handshapes. Each handshape is explicitly named and numbered. The list is not exhaustive. New handshapes must be constructed from pieces of the ISWA 2010.

There are several sign languages that require handshapes outside of the ISWA 2010. These handshapes should be recorded in a separate SignPuddle 3 dictionary for each sign language. For Brazil, the resource would be named "bzs-BR-dictionary-handshapes". Creating this file is a special request and not yet available through the website.

Any individual or organization can start a work project for their sign language. The tools and data are free to use. Consider becoming a SignWriting Partner for an open dialog and technical support.

Adding an extension to the ISWA 2010 is possible, but it raises the complexity of the code and is not backwards compatible. With the handshapes documented, we can decide the best course of action. The data from the additional handshapes dictionaries can be incorporated into programs like SignMaker and SignText.

Printing HTML and PDF

SignPuddle 3 currently supports direct PDF printing of lists with individual signs and images. This feature needs to be expanded to include additional HTML templates and extended sign texts.

Individual and group projects

Dictionary Cleanup

The dictionary section of SignPuddle 3 is ready to use. Over sixty sign language dictionaries are available, preloaded from SignPuddle 2.

These public dictionaries need to be cleaned up for a variety of reasons. Each dictionary has various rights for who can view the data, who can add the data, who can edit the data, and who can manage the users.

Any individual or organization can start a work project for their sign language. The tools and data are free to use. Consider becoming a SignWriting Partner or Representative for an open dialog and technical support.

Management of the public sign language dictionaries is volunteer or based on the membership of SignWriting Team, Partners, Representatives, and Founders. For any conflicts between editors, new dictionaries projects can be created blank or as a copy of an existing dictionary.

One group has started cleaning up the American Sign Language dictionary. Other individuals and groups are invited to start their own work.

Handwriting Practice

Handwriting is personal. Most often learned in school. No matter the age or education, everyone should develop a quick and natural writing style. Writing SignWriting by hand is an important skill to learn, with several styles of SignWriting to choose from including printing, cursive, and short-hand. The only way for you to develop your handwriting skill is to practice.

International Awareness

Around the world, sign languages should be recognized and supported as the communication medium of language communities. Babies as young as six months can start to understand and express with sign language. The legal recognition of sign language varies by country.

The SignWriting Script is a tool for education with sign language. It is used throughout the international communities of sign language users. It is required in many Brazilian public schools and Federal Universities.

Fund Raising

SignWriting is free to use. SignWriting is promoted by the Center for Sutton Movement Writing, a 501c3 educational non-profit (95-3068257). We've been successful with developing and spreading SignWriting, but we haven't been successful with fundraising. The non-profit has been drastically underfunded since the beginning of 2019.

If you have any resources or ideas, we would appreciate the direction or partnership.

Sign languages are human languages. Around the world, over 140 sign languages have been identified. Of those recognized sign languages, we have created and collected digital SignWriting for 60 of those sign languages.

We have a great deal of work that needs to be done. If you are financially able, please consider a donation to the Center for Sutton Movement Writing or join with the financial supporters on Patreon. We have websites to administer, books to print, packages to ship, apps to build, and other worthwhile activities that are constrained by finances.