Guide to SignWriting 2020

SignWriting 2020 is an international call to action to create, organize, fund, and standardize.

Sutton SignWriting is the universal and complete solution for written sign language, ISO 15924 script code "Sgnw". It has been applied by a wide and deep international community of sign language users. Sutton SignWriting is an international standard for writing sign languages by hand or with computers. From education to research, from entertainment to religion, SignWriting has proven useful because people are using it to write signed languages.

The SignWriting Script is free to use for any purpose.

The Sutton SignWriting Standards of the International SignWriting Alphabet (ISWA) 2010, Formal SignWriting in ASCII (FSW) 2012, and SignWriting in Unicode (SWU) 2017 make it possible to write SignWriting as computer encoded text. These standards encode the Block Printing style of SignWriting. For creation and long term storage of sign language written with SignWriting, these standards are available to use.

The websites, fonts, software, and data sets are free as well. We believe in SignWriting and its benefits for individuals and language communities. We enjoy helping people with SignWriting and watching the growth.


The showcase of SignWriting 2020 highlights the achievements and current tools.

Work Projects

The work projects detail the current and future efforts that needs to be done.

Individuals and organizations are encouraged to fund, create, or join any of the work projects.


SignWriting Communities

Collaborations with SignWriting happen on a daily basis. A wide variety of topics related to SignWriting are discussed and shared.

Steve Slevinski

Steve is available for a wide variety of projects related to SignWriting. For tax-exempt projects, he is available through the Center for Sutton Movement Writing. For other projects, Steve uses Patreon to support and continue his work. He currently has the financial support of one team member, three partners, and one representative.


The challenges of SignWriting 2020 highlight the issues around standardization, exploration, and debate.

Internet Draft

The Formal SignWriting Internet Draft has been submitted to the IETF as draft-slevinski-formal-signwriting.

The I-D contains detailed information about a variety of topics related to the Sutton SignWriting standard.

SignWriting Symposium 2020

The SignWriting Symposium 2020 will feature developments and updates related to the showcase, work projects, collaborations, and challenges of SignWriting 2020.